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Blackout Mixtape and ADD Links

As I sit here polishing off a bottle of wine to counteract the Adderol I may or may not have taken earlier this afternoon, I’ve got some great music going on and I’m feeling good.  Good enough that I feel like sharing.  Finals week is upon us and graduation looms less than a week away, hence the Adderol. I want to share this mixtape with you all and I suggest you play it very loudly when doing one of the following things:

– Fist Pumping with bros not giving a fuck about anything less than 7’s

– Trying to take your mind off the fact you’re about to get with something less than a 7

– Whooping up on your buddies in Chel (NHL 12, only video game worth playing)

– Studying for Finals

These are just a few of my own suggestions, but use your imagination kids. I just want to remind you to wear your seatbelt, maybe even use the hazard lights because it gets intense at times.  This is over an hour worth of mashups that will knock the neon wayfarers right off your face.  Credit to what is probably the best site ever on this one – Barstool Sports.

Official Barstool Blackout Mixtape 2.0
Like that isn’t enough, I’ve thrown together a potluck of things I stumbled upon while I should have been studying.  I’m trying to help you guys out, even got the laptop on my lap right now. Straight killing my sperm cells for your benefit.  So keep leaving the love if you pick up what I’m putting down.

15 Best Stanley Cup Rings – I just added this article in because the author seemed as happy as I was that Sid Crosby wasn’t getting a ring this year.  But still a nice look at this hardware you get for winning the Stanley Cup.  Great stuff.

15 Dirtiest Hits of Round 1 NHL Playoffs – Two notables here, the Henrik Sedin murder and Shea Weber’s head bashing of Zetterburg.  I hate the Sedin twins just like any other guy and it really was a clean hit, so lets go Kings!  The Shea Weber head smashing of Henrik Zetterburg just rubs me the wrong way, hockey is all about fighting, hits, brutality.  But don’t just smash some dude’s face into the wall after the whistle for no god damn reason.

Gear That Makes Mornings Less Miserable – These things are all great and all, I mean I love my coffee just as much as the next addict.  But lets face it, this article is misleading because nothing and I mean nothing is going to make the mornings better.  Somebody once asked “there has got to be a better way of starting the day than by waking up?”, but there really isn’t.  Life sucks.

15 Sexiest G4 Hosts – Now I’m not really into nerd girls, mainly because I go to an engineering school myself.  Let me tell you the few girls here that are over 5’s just think they are the absolute shit.  I’m talking gods gift to men, so I have no trouble knocking them down a few pegs from time to time.  But I mean beautiful women are beautiful women, no matter how you label it.


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